Sunday, February 7, 2010

Portrait of Joey Grimaldi

Today is Joseph Grimaldi Day, in which the world's clowns (and clown-curious) converge in the U.K. and gather at All Saints' Church in Hackney. There, they pay tribute to the world's greatest Clown, Joseph "Joey" Grimaldi (1778-1837).

Surprisingly, although this piece was created during the same 2004 found-wood-panel-construction session as the popular Honk Honk (used for the Clowns in Love flyer), Harlequin With Switchblade (currently in the Sean Garrison collection), and Bob Wills as a Clown, it has never been officially exhibited anywhere to our knowledge.

It was, however, displayed on JSH's studio wall for at least two years during his Story Avenue period, and was visible to visitors during gallery-hop open house parties and Deatrick Gallery events.

In celebration of Joey Grimaldi Day, Catclaw Theatre Company is currently offering this painting for sale on eBay: view it here.