Friday, July 16, 2010

"Toulouse-inations" Poster #1

This is one of two different flyers for the world premiere of Jeffrey Scott Holland's Toulouse-inations at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. The graphics were hand-painted by JSH himself under rather hasty circumstances, as JSH relates:

"The behind-the-scenes problems with the show just boggled the mind. Everything that could go wrong did. Actors had to be replaced. Dance scenes had to be cut. We had no clear-cut lighting plot until the eleventh hour. We had problems with the MeX over their newly waxed floor, which forced us to abandon our entire set. And my car exploded in a huge fireball in my face like Robert DeNiro in Casino as we approached crunch time. I was pulled in all directions and losing my mind, feeling like Geoffrey Tennant in any given episode of Slings and Arrows. And so I threw the flyers together in less than half an hour, rendering an image of the Eiffel Tower so hurriedly and slapdash that it was practically a blink drawing. I can't even remember what I looked off of to get the details of the Tower - must have been one of the fashion magazines we had laying around the costume shop."